Been There, Run That

Keep On Running

Running is fun. Especially when you do it outdoors! It’s a way to challenge your body and see what it is capable of! And, as a bonus, you get to take in all the magnificent natural landscapes while racing along. Cardio is the single, most important thing we can do for our bodies. It keeps our heart healthy and our veins and arteries strong. Doing cardio for just 30 minutes a day is more efficient at keeping chronic illnesses at bay than lifting heavy weights or obsessing over what we eat. It truly is the best medicine, helping you live a longer and happier life. And yet, a lot of people seem to harness a profound dislike for cardio. Even avid gym-goers often admit to not being particularly excited about doing cardiovascular exercise. Why is that? Well, one possible explanation is that… it’s quite boring. Especially if you do it indoors! No one looks forward to running in place for an hour while staring blankly at the wall in front of them. Second of all, our bodies have been designed to not want to do cardio. Storing and preserving energy is literally programmed in our DNA! The less energy we use up, the more calories can be stored away as fat deposits. Believe it or not, that used to be a good thing. Fortunately, food is no longer hard to come by, so ensuring that our ticker is as healthy as possible should now be everyone’s main priority. And running cross-country is an extremely effective way of doing just that! Moreover, it helps our minds stay sane as well! You’re free to clear your head and forget about your problems while you take the scenery in!

Watch Your Step

Seasoned runners are all too familiar with the plethora of injuries that can be caused by improper running form, dangerous terrain, or bad shoes. When picking out a new pair, you need to be mindful of a few different things: the weight of the shoe, as well as its flexibility, support, and comfort level. The last one’s really easy to figure out: always choose running shoes that are slightly bigger than your walking ones. As you run, your feet swell considerably due to the increase of blood flow to the area. Opting for a roomier pair can ensure that you don’t get blisters or wounds. If you’re uncertain on where to start looking, check out this list of good cross country shoes by Run the Rock! When it comes to weight, light shoes are always easier to exercise in. However, they’re not the best option for cross country runners, as the uneven terrain can pose some challenges to beginners. The level of support is what makes or breaks a running shoe! If your feet aren’t well-supported during your sprint, you run (no pun intended) the risk of developing an inadequate form. This, in turn, leads to joint pain or, in some cases, to very serious injuries. If you suspect that you might benefit from added assistance on your runs, take a look at this article on the most highly recommended motion control running shoes! Now go out there and run like the wind!